Our milestone

  • May 2014 A BETTER CHANCE CHARITABLE TRUST was founded in Auckland.
  • Dec. 2014 Our official Wechat, Facebook, Linkedin became available for public to access.
  • Mar. 2015 Our venue officially opened to public. We had 1 full-time staff to organize programmes & provide services to members, which included Ping Pong, Yoga, Mental Consultation, Cell phone& computer coaching, Language translation & helping to make English phone calls.
  • Jul. 2015 The number of registered member reached 200. 2 full-time staff were in the trust to care for our members. Meanwhile, more programmes & services were provided like Free haircut, Spoken English class, Dancing class, Singing class & Theme lectures.
  • Jan. 2016 Due to our reputation, the number of our registered members was rapidly climbing to 600, accordingly we enlarged our team from 2 staff to 3 full-time staff and several volunteers. We added Drawing class, Chinese opera, Culture & Art, Medical Consultancy onto our program list.
  • Feb. 2016 Free Wifi were provided onsite.
  • May 2016 We had enlarged our work team and we have 4 full-time staff. Traffic map to our trust were notified to our members for easy access.
  • Jul. 2016 Trust logo and brochure were put into use and our website were open to public. The number of watcher on our Facebook had reached 338 and at the same time more than 1000 Aucklanders were following us on our trust Wechat.
  • Sep. 2016 Our image had been enhanced and  the number of our registered members had quickly reached 1000.
  • Jan. 2017 We enlarged our team from 4 staff to 5 staff and more volunteers. As a co-sponsor, we were invited to the 2017 Lunar Festival. Our team successfully advocates the organization and we attracted 100 new members in that day.
  • Mar. 2017 Invited by WTV, we attended a talk show named “jinwan shui lai zuo ke” (Who is the Guest Tonight) and represent the trust to the Chinese people.
  • First half of 2017 We have gradually added more courses, activities and services like basic sewing class, craft making class, Tai Chi class, math class, food talk, providing free legal consultation and certified true copy of a document.
  • Oct. 2017 Due to the growing number of members we opened another branch in Avondale so that we can provide quality services.
  • 25th November 2017, hosted by the A Better Chance Charitable Trust,the KOHI KOHI Maori Cultural Festival — Kapa Haka Show was successfully held in China Town in East Auckland.
  • Dec.2017 we opened another branch in Auckland China Town Burswood so that we can provide quality services to more members.
  • March 2018, the number of our registered members of A Better Chance Charitable Trust was rapidly increasing by more than 1,700, accordingly we enlarged our team form 5 staff to 7 staff and several volunteers. We added children’s Chinese classes, solving 3×3 rubik’s cube program and children coding for scratch course onto our program list.
  • March 2018, the Manukau East Branch is set as the information support branch providing the daily technical and security support. At the same time, it uses computer technology like data mining, Cloud storage, Cloud calculation and Wechat mini program to improve work efficiency and quality of service.
  • 2nd Mar. 2018 A Better Chance Charitable Trust obtained the Migrant Community Spirit Award from ANZ Bank in 2018 ANZ Lunar New Year Celebration event.
  • April 2018, we start to provide rooms for the dance groups, choirs and other Chinese organizations.
  • June 2018, the Manukau East Branch start offering JP service and holds many new courses and seminars like French class for kids and poetry classes.
  • 16th Jun. 2018 A Better Chance Charitable Trust was invited to 2018 ANZ Migrant Expo as an exhibitor. Our team successfully advocated the organization and we attracted many visitors, new members and new volunteers.
  • July 2018, we Joined St John “Caring Caller” project.
  • September 2018, to benefit more Chinese communities, A Better Chance Charitable Trust started the project of “Charity into Community” with promotional plans.
  • September 2018, the West Auckland Branch was formally chosen as the headquarter of A Better Chance Charitable Trust responsible for planning, organizing, carrying out and supervising the daily operation of other branches. And it also further the promotion of the “Caring Caller” activity.

Trustee Member:

Chairman: Rick Huang

Trustee: Sunny Chen

Executive Staff:

Director Manager: Sunny Chen

ICT Support Technician: Matthew Li

Office Admin: Dennis Zhang

Office Admin: Melany Yin

Office Admin: Angel Lee

Office Admin: Grace Guo

Program Coordinator:Dara Wang

Office Supporter:Leaivi Gaitau


Jane Zeng

Rain Zhong

Celine Sun

Evelyn Fan

Jade Li

Linda Li

Betty Zhuang

Lydia Li

Ivy Huang

Skye Zhang

Ben Liao

Alfred Chong

Esther Yang

Kaisy Ma

Johnny Yang

May Wang

Michelle Yang

Mandy Ren

Jeffery Yan

Yao Sun

Annabelle Zhang

Qingzhen Wang

Andy Ding

Mark MA

Zeal Zhang

Steven Xue

Sherry Lai

Jackson Zhao

Rouey Xie

Amy Deng

Dr. Wu

Richard Zhang

Maggie Wang

Kingfisher Wang

Ling Yang

Christina Zhang

Hannah Xie

Lynn He

Joyce Liu

Hairdresser team

Fiona Bai

Lancy Huang

Catherine Fang